The WRABF Virtual Benchrest Championship

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The WRABF Virtual Benchrest Championship

Inläggav XY1 02 jul 2020, 18:34

World Rimfire and Air Rifle Benchrest Federation (WRABF) bjuder in till en virtuell bänkskyttetävling. Sverige är medlemmar i WRABF och vi alla kan därför delta i tävlingen. Det är en seriöst anordnad tävling som går globalt. Ett unikt tillfälle att delta i ett VM utan att resa! Kanske inspirerar några av er att delta i EM/VM i Tjeckien nästa år.

För att följa länken så måste du registera dig.

För att följa länken så måste du registera dig.

För att följa länken så måste du registera dig.

Following the regrettable cancellation of many rim-fire and air-rifle competition all over the world and
the manifest cancellation or postponement of nearly every benchrest event in the world, the World
Rimfire and Airrifle Federation announced the launch of the one and only officially sanctioned virtual
shooting championships, and it will be one with a significant difference.
All the National, Team trails, regional and club shoots may be cancelled but one thing’s for sure; if you
sign up for and complete in the world’s first and greatest virtual shooting event namely the Rimfire and
Airrifle world’s first and greatest virtual shooting event. This is not your normal postal league
The world’s greatest virtual Benchrest event with shooters from around the globe invited to participate
from Friday 00:00 UTC, 31 July till Monday 23:59, 3 August 2020, effectively one month from now, and
entry is FREE to all shooters.
The virtual shooting championships will provide a platform to engage with other shooters throughout
the world as well as opportunity for family members to participate in the action, all with the reassurance
of safety and convenience, doing so within the constraints of all the government’s National Lockdown
There is two official Facebook THE WRABF VIRTUAL BENCHREST CHAMPIONSHIP (WVBC) group Air-
Rifle or Rim-Fire whaling wall. will include an online functionality where shooters can virtually compete,
where each participant their own personal card and score.
All that shooters need to do is go to the WRABF.COM website to register for any or all of the classes
he/she want to participate in.
The rules of the WRABF rule book is applicable.
Name and Surname, Club, Postal address, Zip Code, Country.
1. AR LV 25m
2. AR HV 25m
3. AR U 50M
4. RF IS 50M
5. RF LV 50M
6. RF HV 50M
7. Photo/video competition

Additional WVBC Rules
1. Any registered shooter is able to compete in the competition. All shooters, both male and female and
of any age, may compete as long as they register for competition.
2. Air Rifle and RF Rifle must comply with the WRABF rules.
3. Any WRABF 25 M / 50 M target may be used for submission of scores. These may be paper, or printed
versions of electronic scoring targets, printed by your local printer. Please see additional target
numbering procedures as outlined in a separate Competition Rules Notice.
4. Only one target may be shot for each class
5. All matches are shot from 25 meter or 50 meter as defined in WRABF Rules.
6. Tied scores will be scored using the "count back" method. Number of "X", then 10, 9, 8 etc.
7. All score cards will be checked by appointed score keepers and match director and their decision is
8. You may shoot at your local club shooting range or from any safe place like your garden, school yard
9. You should preferably have a witness.; the best will be one or more of your shooting friends to join
and shoot with you.
I did start two Facebook Group one for Air-Rifle and one for Rim-Fire (WRABF Virtual Benchrest
Championship Wailing Wall).
As you join the competition, I will create a thread with your name where you can post you photos of
your targets.
Target cards should be prepared as per this sample. Each competitor will number his shot cards starting
with the number:
ARLV1XXX Medal 1,2,3 Snr and juniors
ARHV2XXX Medal 1,2,3 Snr and juniors
ARU3XXX Medal 1,2,3 Snr and juniors
RFIS4XXX Medal 1,2,3 Snr and juniors
RFLV5XXX Medal 1,2,3 Snr and juniors
RFHV6XXX Medal 1,2,3 Snr and juniors
The XXX signifies the shooter's initials. All shot targets submitted for a competition will have the same
sequence for each competitor.
Simply submit the required number of targets, labelled as instructed above, as attachments to a
"comment" to the "WVBC" thread on the Face-book group Air-Rifle or Rim-Fire whaling wall.
The link to the Air Rifle Wailing Wall För att följa länken så måste du registera dig.

The link to the Rimfire Wailing Wall För att följa länken så måste du registera dig.

Link to online entry’s
För att följa länken så måste du registera dig.


To all competitors in the WVBC. The idea behind this idea is to allow me to "track the time period"
between when the un-shot target photo is submitted and the time when the individual, completed
targets are submitted. If you take the photo of your target, first prepare for your match (example
ARLV1XXX hand written by you) and submit the photo just before commencing your match, I will have a
time stamp on the submission showing the start of the match period. Then shoot your match, score your
own cards or a score keeper can score it for you and submit those within 40 minutes. If you use the
"reply" button immediately under your name original posting then the completed targets will appear
immediately after the group photo. This way I do not have to search for the two submissions, and the
time between the two submissions will be obvious. This is just the process where we have a virtual
Wailing Wall

All shooters must on the weekend of the WRABF post photos and videos for all to see on the progress of
the championship over the weekend at the World Rimfire and Air Rifle Benchrest Federation Facebook
group. You may use streaming and YouTube just post the links on the group.
Photo/video competition any interested members who cannot shoot of family member of friends
may enter the photo competition.
Those that cannot participate may enter photos of his rifles, other interesting shooting stuff or
video that he/she did take of previous events.
All competitors must try to post photos and videos of rifles that he/she did use in the
championship. There will be medals for the top 3 entry’s
The photos and video will be judged by an impartial person.
Excalibur Benchrest Club will sponsor the individual medals as per rule book.
I will post the winner medals to each competitor and did submit his/her address.
I will post virtual participation/winner certificates where the winner/participant can print it.
If you have any question feel free to ask.

The whole idea is to get to know the shooters and their equipment that they use, where they live. Every
shooter can write a summary of himself for everyone to read and for Great Goodwill and Comradeship.

Nick Schoonwinkel
Secretary WRABF
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Re: The WRABF Virtual Benchrest Championship

Inläggav jalfa 02 jul 2020, 19:17

Kul! Får se om jag är med...
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Re: The WRABF Virtual Benchrest Championship

Inläggav Nitro 02 jul 2020, 21:41

Ja det var ju ett trevligt initiativ.
Mycket möjligt jag skjuter i två klasser.

Har för avsikt att åka ner med grabben 2021 då det är förbaskat kul.

Men tycker nog att det låter väl komplicerat och bökigt att man ska både fota tavlorna samt filma och första fotot ska vara precis när man börjar för att de ska se att man skjuter på en viss tid osv.

Jag kan visst skjuta och fota tavlorna och sen får de helt enkelt lita på att jag följt regelboken för övrigt med tid, avstånd osv.

Räcker inte det så hoppar jag nog, men trevligt initiativ för övrigt.
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